Thomas Stitlz

Photo Realism - Artist Thomas Stitlz


Tom Stiltz received his B.A. in Fine Art and M.A. in Photography from the University of Delaware. It was during graduate school that he began his career as an artist working in photography. He was a pioneer in using photographic emulsion to print images on such surfaces as mirror, frosted glass, and plastic laminates. His documentary portraits of student activists printed on five foot plastic laminate panels earned a show at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in NYC.

His photos on glass were carried by Neikrug Galleries. Stiltz collaborated with artists Dan Johnson and Larry Rivers to produce a large mirror and laminate piece for a show called Some American History. Jazz legend Miles Davis recorded music for the construction, and it toured museums around the US.

Stiltz started a new career as a full-time painter. His work was carried in over 50 galleries in the US and Canada.