B. Boune

Contemporary Landscape - Artist B. Boune

Benjamin Boune is a colorist of innate sensitivity whose work shows a keen awareness of European artistic traditions, and intense admiration for the modern masters. Born in New York City in 1975, Benjamin's work draws inspiration from his 21+ years of travels and residence in places such as France, Italy, Columbia, and Ecuador. His works are evocative of the horizons, topography, and lighting characteristic of his travels, with magnificent color and juxtapositions.

Benjamin believes that art is an essential part of humanity; that without art, or the world would be unbearable. For Benjamin, painting is a gateway to the beautiful world. One can see clearly in his paintings both the passions found in daily life and the colors reminiscent of the great painters of the past.

Benjamin's paintings are collected in the United States as well as across Europe. - Deljou


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