Lee White

Contemporary Figurative Artist - Lee White

Lee White's first expressions of artistic creativity were quickly recognized by his grandmother, Lizzy when the artist was just eight years old. Each day, she would set aside time for White to exercise his insightful talents. As a result, at age 12, he received the Mayor's Trophy for Artists sponsored by the Miami Herald.

White's formal training began in California where he studied at the California College of Commercial Design of the City College of Los Angeles. He subsequently received a Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of Arts. During the seventies and eighties, White shifted his focus to serigraphy and was fortunate enough to work under the famed master of printmaking, Warren Woodward.

Shortly after that, White relocated to the Southeast, where he continued to work with and gather influence from leading artists and print makers. This personal and artistic journey from Florida, to California, to the exotic islands of the Caribbean and, ultimately, to the Southeast has dramatically contributed to White's unique style. His diverse cultural experiences lend a compelling and robust range of vibrant color and storytelling to each of his pieces.

White's prolific oeuvre — including his exquisite figurative, abstract expressions, still life, and collages — are featured in private and corporate United States and around the world.


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