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Populus Contemporary

Craig Alan

Craig's collections run the gamut from abstract expressionism to haunting, graphic realism, each one a reflection of its creator's unique vision. He is most well-known for his Populus series, which drew inspiration from a balcony overlooking Orange Beach, Alabama where patrons enjoying a wedding party seemed to form the shape of an eye where they stood. Craig explains, "Inspiration begins with a 'What if...' as I consider alternate imagery, surfaces, effects, results, etc. It comes from the past in conjunction with now. Like a bolt of lightning."

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Featured Artist

Miguel Freitas

The vibrancy in his controlled use of colour is what often strikes his audience first. A strong presence and symbolic content leaves you emotionally charged. These scenes convincingly depict the naive impressions and memories left in your mind years after visiting a place.

My style....what is it exactly?  Surrealism, Expressionism, Impressionism...some 'ism' I guess.  Let's call it Miguelism.

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