Miguel Frietas - Originals

Miguel Freitas - Originals

My style....what is it exactly?  Surrealism, Expressionism, Impressionism...some 'ism' I guess.  Let's call it Miguelism.

Coming from an advertising background, I knew the importance of standing out, so my goal was to create a unique

way to capture somewhat familiar scenes, places we are all familiar with, but with a slightly whimsical and surreal twist. 

Imagination is good.

The goal is to alter reality just enough to create my unique scenes, so I draw mainly from my imagination. The paintings have a specific, intentional distortion and exaggerated movement and are composed of forced perspective angles to make a path that leads the viewer's eye into the scene. I want my audience to feel as if they could step into my paintings, visually and emotionally.

Let there be TEXTURE

The entire painting is created with a technique that combines painting and sculpting.  I use loads of thickened acrylics and mixed media to create depth and give my art a unique embossed and carved appearance.

This timely step consists of many layers and much drying time; however, I find the result is a painting that's full of character and depth adding another dimension to my art and making it stand out from others and that has always been my main focus.


The subtle or main focus, the small details often help tell the story. These are the essential elements I  want in my paintings, and I feel they help the individual piece tell its own story – Miguel Freitas

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