Leon Roulette

Contemporary Landscapes - Artist Leon Roulettes

Rich colors and a sense of true, natural light are the hallmark of Leon Roulette’s work.  It is almost impossible to view one of his paintings and not wish you were there: Either enjoying a fine vintage on a sun-bathed veranda in California’s wine country or a romantic stroll on the shores of Lake Como.  When Leon puts paint to canvas he not only captures the visual charm of these beautiful locations but also the spirit and romance that inexplicably captivates the viewer.

From high mountain vistas to an intimate still life, Leon has mastered the ability to capture the very essence of what he sees and experiences in rich paint and competent brush work.  Not merely reproducing what lays before him it in a photographic way but painting how light and color are seen through the human eye.  The glint of light off the rim of a wine glass or the subtle colors of a waning sunset are not overlooked nor taken for granted by Leon.

Leon’s paintings are not just pictures of places and things but a unique moment captured in time by the artist and shared with the viewer.